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Welcome To My Home Page

track of the week

I'd say this one is one of my favorite MxUnleashed tracks...

..you can get most of my tracks by clicking HERE or HERE

Latest News
I'm going to slowly transform this site for MX vs ATV Unleashed,B.M.X.,Drums,mostly the game.there will still be some mcm2 stuff around. There is a favorite metal drummer vote poll going on it's at the BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.,

for a motocross madness 2 zone flashback..click the Flashback link

here's a website that will post your laptimes and give you a rankingCLICK HERE

IF anybody remembers South Shore B.M.X. michigan city,in,i got my hands on 3 vcr tapes 1983-84,i trying to put on DVD. if anybody wants a copy e-mail me.
a peek

"In the Woods"is exactly how it sounds,i wanted the track to go in and out of a very densly wooded area in a type of a small vally setting,it's for mcm2

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Sat.,09/30/06..10:19a.m. central standard time
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